Office Moving

Kelowna Office Moving

Planning is essential to a smooth seamless move with minimal disruption to your office and business. The biggest challenge is to do the move efficiently and minimize downtime.

Properly planning the move, considering the types and volume of furniture and equipment, and sending the right amount of movers to efficiently move your office is key. We will take an inventory and calculate the time it will take to disassemble move, and reassemble desks and other office furniture.

In some cases, the move can be completed in a phased approach which allows for a number of employees to remain up and running at the old location while other employees are set up at the new location. Or moving different departments over a period of time.

We will coordinate with your management and staff to ensure a smooth transition with as much uptime as possible. We will work out a schedule for your move which will minimize interruptions to your business.

The success of any office move is measured by the sustained productivity of your staff while the move is being planned and executed – you want the move performed with a minimum of interruption. So we service your office move with careful planning and attention to the plan. We will be sure every piece of furniture is correctly labeled, disassembled, reassembled, and placed exactly as you need it.

If any office furnishing or goods are not being moved in right away we can place the items in our storage.

Our Office Moving Services Include:

  • Moving to a new location or moving within your present location
  • Furniture disassembly & reassembly
  • Office building floor protection
  • Packing supplies & labels provided
  • Valuation Coverage options available
  • Packing & Unpacking
  • New Office Furniture Delivery

For Information and Help For Your Office Move Please Refer to the Following Office Moving Guides: