Office Moving FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Office Moving

Does 1st Choice Moving provide packing materials and labels?
Yes. 1st Choice Moving can provide all packing materials and labels.

What do we do with wall paintings & and pictures?
All paintings and pictures must be taken down and packed into the proper boxes.

How do you know where items are going to go to our new location?
Our labeling system defines the best possible way to ensure proper placements at your destination. Once a layout has been finalized, each room/area at the destination is identified and the labeling system allows us to deliver every item to the correct place.

How do you protect our furniture during transport?
All trucks are equipped with moving pads to protect your furniture during the move.

Will the moving company disassemble and reassemble desks and furniture?
Yes. 1st Choice Moving will disassemble and then reassemble desks and furniture.

Does 1st Choice Moving offer packing service for office moves?
Yes. We do packing services for any type of transport service.

Do filing cabinet need to be emptied for the move?
Yes. It is best to empty and pack the contents of file cabinets because moving the file cabinets full is hard on the structural integrity of the cabinets and may even bend the drawer sliders.

Does the moving company move the photocopiers?
No. The photocopiers must be serviced and moved by your photocopier supplier.

Does 1st Choice Moving offer storage for office moves?
Yes. 1st Choice Moving does offer storage services for offices.

Are the moving company and its employees insured?
Yes. 1st Choice Moving & Storage has up-to-date WorkSafe BC coverage for its employees and as well as insurance coverage. We can supply you a current copy of a clearance letter from WorkSafe BC and a Proof of Insurance from our insurance company upon request.

Will a representative from the moving company visit our office to view the number of items to be moved?
Yes. 1st Choice Moving will visit your office to review the amount of furniture and boxes that will be moving. We will then provide an estimate based on the items viewed.

What should we do with desk contents?
Desks are tipped on end during the move. Therefore all items from desk drawers must be packed.

Does 1st Choice Moving disconnect and reconnect our computers and all other electronic devices?
No. 1st Choice Moving does not disconnect and reconnect your computers and other electronic devices. You must consult your IT department or a computer technician service for the disconnecting and reconnecting of your computer system and other electronic devices.