Office Moving Tips

Helpful Tips for Your Office Move

Start early and contact 1st Choice Moving & Storage for an assessment of your company needs in order to begin the planning process

Create a floor plan for destination and assign office space accordingly

Communicate relocation details with property managers at origin and destination

Labeling. Each Item must be labeled in accordance with the move plan

Distribute floor plans to third party contractors involved in any renovations

Paintings and pictures on walls must be packed into the proper cartons.

Contact your property building management to ensure they are aware of your move dates, access to loading docks, and elevator reservation

Valuables over $2,000.00 must be pointed out to the moving company in writing.

Packing must be completed prior to move day

Contact other tenants to advise them of your relocation plans and dates

Verify if any parking restrictions may apply during your move

Communicate timelines with staff and the role of each employee during the move process

Assign a room as a “Lost and Found” area to place any misplaced or unlabeled items on move day