One-Touch Storage Advantage

Our One Touch Storage System

1st Choice Moving & Storage offers a “One Touch Storage System” which allows your goods to be stored in the safest manner possible. Instead of handling your belongings several times when putting them into and out of storage, the one touch storage system eliminates unnecessary handling and greatly reduces the chance of damage to your goods.

How Does the One Touch Storage System Work?

We use specially designed wooden containers to store your household goods Our storage containers are brought to your residence inside the trucks and your goods are loaded directly into the containers from your residence. The loaded containers are then driven to our warehouse and forklifted from the trucks and stacked in our warehouse

There Is No Double Handling Of Your Goods

Here is our One Touch Storage System process:

  • The empty containers are forklifted into the trucks and we drive the containers to your residence.
  • Your furniture is wrapped in furniture blankets and we load your goods into the containers at your residence and the containers are sealed at your residence
  • We drive the loaded containers to our warehouse and we forklift the loaded containers into our warehouse.
  • We place your full containers in our warehouse.

The Two Big Advantages of our One Touch Storage System are:

There is no double handling of your possessions your goods are stored indoors in our climate-controlled warehouse.

When you are ready for your goods we simply reverse the process:

  • Your full containers are forklifted into the trucks
  • We drive the full containers to your new residence
  • We unload your goods directly out of the containers into your new residence.

The combination of one-touch handling and the climate-controlled storage makes our storage system a fantastic storage option for your goods.

A climate-controlled warehouse means the warehouse is kept at a steady temperature. This protects your furniture from the damaging effects of severe heat or excessive cold. Our warehouse is also monitored with 24-hour video surveillance.