Box Sixes and Uses

1.5 Cubic Box: The 1.5 cube box is used for heavy items such as books, magazines, DVD’s, canned goods, hand tools, etc.

2 Cubic Box: The 2 cube box is used for drawer items from bathrooms desks, nightstands, kitchens, dressers, etc. 2 cubes are used for utensils,  pots, pans, electronics, lampshades, closet items, shoes, albums, lighter  garage & garden tools, etc,

4 Cubic Box: The 4 cube box is used for pots, pans, utensils, closet items, linens, lamps, lampshades, electronics, small pictures, toys, Tupperware, cushions, blankets, towels, shoes, light garage and garden tools, etc. The 4 cube box is not as sturdy as the smaller boxes so it is important not to make this box too heavy.

5 Cubic Box: The 5 cube box is used for larger lighter items such as linens, pillows, blankets, towels, toys, lamps, lampshades, plastic storage containers,  camping and sporting gear, etc.

6 Cubic Box: The 6 cube box is only used for items that do not fit in a 5 cube box. Items such as large lampshades, large toys, and some larger electronic items such as scanners simply do not fit in a 5 cubic box. The 6 cube is only used if absolutely necessary as it is a large, bulky, and not too sturdy box.

China Barrel or Dish Pack: The china barrel box is used for all glass household items – dishes, plates, saucers, bowls, cups, glasses, stemware, china, figurines, crystal, platters lamps, vases, ornaments, etc. are all packed in a china barrel box. Also small pictures, small paintings, & small glass shelves can be packed in a china barrel box. It is the sturdiest box, designed to protect the items inside and to prevent other boxes and items from crushing it. It is imperative the china barrel be packed correctly.

Please refer to Packing Fragile Items for help with packing china barrels

Picture or Mirror Carton: The picture box is used for paintings, pictures, mirrors, glass shelves, small glass tabletops, wall hangings, etc. Please be sure to never pack dissimilar items in the same box. For example, paintings and glass shelves must never be packed in the same picture carton. Please refer to Packing Fragile Items for help with packing picture cartons.

Wardrobe Box: This box is for hanging clothes only. Wardrobes must be packed tight enough to prevent hangers from falling from the bar but loose enough to prevent unnecessary wrinkling of clothes. You can put light loose items in the bottom of a wardrobe box such as sheets, linens, shoes, gift wrap rolls, etc. Be sure no items have any sharp edges that would snag clothing.

** There is no need to purchase wardrobe boxes as we bring wardrobe boxes with us on move day and you can easily pack & unpack wardrobe boxes on moving day.