The proper and complete packing is the most important part of a move. The proper and complete packing is imperative for protecting your goods and the best-packed homes move at maximum efficiency and safety. PACKING is usually done in one of three ways.


We come in and pack your entire household is usually one day. The advantage of this method is it keeps your residence functional until move day. Our packing services take the heavy work off your hands literally.


We come in and pack only what you would like us to pack. When we do partial packing it is usually the packing of fragile items such as glassware, dishware, china, ornaments, artwork, mirrors, glass tabletops, glass shelves, lamps, electronics, etc, and you pack the rest. Partial packing is great for the do-it-yourselfer who may want help with fragile items.


This is by far the most common method and a great way to go. You save a bundle doing it yourself. Using the proper packing materials is very important to do the packing as efficiently and as safely as possible. It is important to do a proper pack job because incorrect packing is a prime cause of damage and movers insurance does not cover items packed yourself unless there is obvious damage to the box. With the proper materials and your careful packing, you can do a fine pack job.

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