Residential Moving

Local Residential Moving In Kelowna & The Okanagan Valley

Moving can be demanding and overwhelming – seemingly with everything happening at once. You can rely on 1st Choice Moving & Storage and our professional moving services to take the burden of moving off of you and your family.

When you contact 1st Choice Moving & Storage, we will access your moving needs, address any pre-move concerns, and answer all questions. We will provide you with an estimate outlining all the services and breakdown of the charges.

For your Move, we use a System we call our Move Process.

Our Move Process is a system of protective procedures undertaken to ensure we minimize the chance of damage to your residence and your possessions. These protective procedures thoroughly protect your possessions and your residence resulting in a successful, damage-free move.

Our protection procedures keep the chance of damage to an absolute minimum.

The Key Features of our Move Process are:

  • We cover your floors and stairs extensively with protective covers.
  • We disassemble & reassemble items necessary for a safe move.
  • We do a complete blanket wrap of your furniture inside your home before your furniture is moved out of your home.
  • Mattresses and box springs are placed into plastic protective sheaths
  • Wardrobe boxes are provided to move your clothes

Have A Look At Our Move Process

The Key to Your Move is Preparation and Organization For Information and Help Please Refer To The Following Moving Guides: